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School has started!

Hello there! It's been awhile. School has started. I have finally collected everything I left here when I went to my exchange in Japan. Everything I bought in Japan that I sent via sea mail are still at my uncle's place, so I haven't received them yet. Hopefully they will arrive in early October. *prays* Because most of my resources are things that I bought in Japan, my resource problem I had before continues, so do not expect any projects to appear this month or the next month. However, currently I am working on Yule Ball's revamp and expanding my Robo shrine, so I am still doing something. The process is going slowly but both should be finished by the end of October.... well, that's my plan anyway.

Also, it seems that my Kimi ni Todoke manga vols 1-6 got lost. I don't know where it went. I thought I mailed my Kimi ni Todoke manga 1-9 to Japan when I was going over there, but when my mail arrived, only 6-9 arrived. So, I thought maybe I kept it here in Canada, but after collecting all the things I left here, 1-6 never appeared. :( Where did it go, I wonder... I don't really wanna buy new manga. Well, I really do need to start on my Kimi ni Todoke project, so I did something bad and downloaded the scanlations of the manga that I lost. Probably this month I'll catch up and come to a decision to whom I should shrine (Ayane or Sawako?). I think Sawako might win, but who knows? I do have a lot to say about Ayane... (Btw, there's a live action movie for Kimi ni Todoke coming out on Sept. 24 in Japan for those who don't know. It looks like the story will cover the manga pretty well. Personally I was just overjoyed that I could understand the Japanese trailer. Yay, go me!)

Two weeks ago, I got a Hana Yori Dango fever. When my stuff that I left in Canada returned, I reread 1-12 of the manga I owned. Then, later, I downloaded and played the "new" Hana Yori Dango dating game on my DS. (In the end, I got Domyouji.) Last week, I even rewatched the Hana Yori Dango drama, which I still think is super cheesy. Right now, I have checked out volumes 16-21 from the library and read them. It seems that each time i open a Hana Yori Dango manga I get a HYD fever. Because of this fever, I have decided to make a shrine to Tsukushi Makino, the protagonist of HYD (and the current layout's cover girl). It is an idea shrine, not exactly in the planning stages, but o well, it's been added to the project's list.

Well, that's all it for now.