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Project Update

I have revised and updated my projects. My collective as you can see is quite small. For websites, I have one site that's revamping while another site needs attention. Besides websites, I have six fanlistings that I have wrote information for, but because they are fanlistings, they aren't entirely considered "websites". I want to make my collective bigger, so I have been making a large list of website projects. Today, I have decided to go over them with you for my benefit and my sanity. I will go over them in order from the project I really want to start to the project that seems like a good idea.

Note: Right now, majority of the projects I want to work on cannot be work on because I don't have my resources with me. The resources that I am missing are JunToku manga volumes 1-13, Kimi ni Todoke manga volumes 1-10, BokuKanoXXX manga volumes 1-7, and lastly, Slam Dunk manga volumes 1-8. These resources are in storage or on their way here from Japan. I won't be able to retrieve them until late August or mid-September, so I won't be able to work on anything until then. Bummer! However, that will not stop me from telling you about my plans though.

My top priority project is Two-Hearts (or is it Two-Heart?) Necklace, a couple shrine to Renji Ono and Yukari Komaki. I have been a fan of them ever since I read their story in volume 3 of the manga and knew I had to make a shrine to them after I read a continuation of their story in volume 5 and 6. Since JunToku and this couple's story are not well-known nor popular, I really want to share their story with you. However, I need my JunToku manga volumes 3, 5, 6, and 13 to do it. : (

Next, I have a fanlisting to Sawako Kuronuma called Sawayaka. Before I went on my exchange, I wanted to make a shrine to her, so I was planning on writing the content once I've returned. However, now that I am back, I am not sure whether or not I want to make a shrine to her. She's a great character and I love her to death, but she isn't my favorite character anymore. My favorite character is now Ayane Yano... or at least, I think she is. I havent read the series for so long that I am not sure who my favorite character is anymore. Well, I'll be thinking about the future of this project and give you my decision after I caught up with the manga. (I know that there are scanlations of this manga online that are pretty up-to-date, but I like holding my manga in my hands while reading it in Japanese with the aid of my red electronic Japanese dictionary. There is just something pleasant about it. )

After Sawayaka, I want to make a shrine to Maria Kawai of Akuma to Love Song. Two days ago, I read its scanlations and became instantly hooked. I loved the story and found the characters to be really interesting. I especially love the main character, Maria, and wanted to make a shrine for her. However, I feel I do not know enough about her to make a dedication. I may be up to volume 7, but the Japanese manga is up to volume 10 and does not look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

My next project is a shrine to Ryota Miyagi of Slam Dunk. I am a huge fan of Slam Dunk, and my favorite character is Ryota Miyagi, #1 Point Guard. I just love him and his crush on Aya, the basketball club manager, is freakin adorable. However, Slam Dunk is a 31-volumed shounen manga, which means that I have a lot of information to gather and write. Since I am naturally lazy, I do not have much willpower or inspiration to do it. But, I will try my best to get it done.

For my Akira Uehara shrine project, I am going to wait for the series to finish before I write my stuff. Out of all the characters in the manga, Akira is the one who just keeps developing and showing new sides to his character. In order to get all his sides, I am going to wait until the series is over to start creating the shrine. In addition, I plan to write some sections about gender and sexuality because I feel that the series asks and answers a lot of questions concerning those topics (in a comical way).

My newest idea and probably an idea that might later become a project is my idea to create a site about the relationship between Prince Zuko and Uncle Iroh of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Until I watched season 3, I was planning to make a shrine to Prince Zuko because I loved his angst character and admired his strength as he struggles to find his way in the Avatar world. However, season 3 came in and ruined most of my admiration for him. I am in the middle of season 3, and all of a sudden, I see him dating some boring girl and being this total weak sap, not being the guy I liked: an awkward guy who is trying so hard to find his way in life. *Sigh* After watching "The Beach" episode, I realized that maybe it isn't Zuko whom I like so much but his relationship with his uncle. This could be true because I do love his uncle, and most of my favorite scenes in the series are when Zuko is with his uncle, complaining, being happy, or doing some self-help.

Well, those are all my projects. I might add new ideas and/or cancel some old ones. It just depends on whether or not I find or lose the inspiration to do them. Hopefully some will be started by this fall. *crosses fingers*