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junai tokkou taichou

A Mini Pet Peeve

In the sequel page, I have written a little section that I named "A Mini Pet Peeve". When I was looking for information about the sequel, I kept seeing the sequel title written incorrectly, and after awhile, it got on my nerves. I decided to do something about it, and instead of doing my summer course's homework, I wrote about it. I had to use some of my Japanese knowledge for the explanations, so I hope those explanations make sense. Again, I am not the best writer, so if you find something that doesn't make sense, please give me the heads up.

I was thinking later that I will rant about the mistakes I have been seeing on the net for Boku to Kanojyo no XXX because they are A LOT. However, I need to finish my To-Do list before I start working on that.