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December 7th, 2010


new layout for the network

it is December and the merry winter season has started (well, in North America). In celebration, I have designed a new layout for the network, featuring Sawako Kuronuma of Kimi ni Todoke. (A great series by the way). This fall I didn't update the network very much. School and life just took over. For the winter season, however, I hope to do more updates. I have made a new check-list of all the things I would like to finish before the spring season starts in March. The list goes like this: 

1) Close Frank
2) Close Yule Ball and Crush
3) Work on Defective's revamp
4) Write  the content for the shrine part of Sawayaka
5) Design new layout for all my fanlistings.
6) Finish writing the content for Maternal Prophecy.
7) Design a contact page
8) Design a layout archive
9) Design a credits/copyright page
10) Make a custom layout for the update livejournal page

And that's it. Hopefully, I'll start working on the list before the holidays, but if you don't hear from me before then, happy holidays!